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Introduce the new Silver Boy .22 lever action

The Uberti Scout is the ultimate small-bore lever action rifle chambered in cal.22LR. This is an alloriginal lever action firearm, based on the classic styling of the Old West lever gun. The Uberti Scout embodies the best features of the proven lever-gun design that goes back as far as the mid-1800s. Chrome-plated alloy receiver, walnut straight stock. Great for youths, ladies and anyone who enjoys small game hunting or just plinking. Unique feature on this little gun – it has a cartridge mechanism allowing controlled round-feed so the gun can be fired reliably while held at any angle.

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About Uberti

The birth of A. Uberti, world famous Company for its production of historical replica firearms, goes way back to 1959 where its activity started in quite unusual circumstances. The American market was looking for someone to produce the 1851 Navy to commemorate the centennial of the American Civil War. A. Uberti accepted the project and, in a very short time, was able to produce the first 2000 pieces. The product was so well accepted that the order was renewed, giving A.Uberti the opportunity to be the “first” Company to reproduce historical replica firearms and, today, is still one of the leading Companies in the world.

At the end of 1965, the very first lever action replica came to light, the 1866 Winchester and, the following year, the first breech loading replica revolver, a copy of the 1873 Colt Single Action, re-christened by A. Uberti as the “Cattleman”, now a famous name all over the world. Aldo Uberti understood the spirit of these historical firearms, they were not just tools to be used for shooting, but had a real story that reflected in the American history. The funny thing about all this is that the very first replicas made by Aldo were copied by other gun makers who, trying to reproduce a “copy of a copy”, produced an undersized replica! Obviously, they did not have the same passion as Aldo.

Using superior quality forged steel, state-of-the-art technology and high precision machine tools, combined with the centuries-old skills of polishers, engravers and stockers, A.Uberti is able to create historical firearms with the same loving care with which the originals were crafted all those centuries ago. In the Beretta Group since the year 2000, the Company moved into a brand new ultra modern building in the year 2002 with all the up-to-date facilities and excellent environmental conditions for its workers. High tech machinery was also introduced on a large scale.

We are proud to claim that ardent collectors and demanding shooters from all over the world find that our guns reproduce not only the same shapes and mechanical and ballistic features, enhanced by modern production methods, but also in the same spirit of those guns that have occupied pages and pages of history in the course of the century.